Small Animal Boarding
We are able to board Small Animals such as rabbits, hamster, parrots, ferrets etc in our own home. Your pet will enjoy luxury in our sturdy brick facility that has heating for winter and a cooling system for those (very rare) hot summer days, so your pet will never be too hot or too cold unlike in wood sheds which can overheat on hot days. It also has full electricity inc lights. It really is pure luxury for your furry friend.
Your pets will be housed in very large, spacious individual hutches/ cages. We also have individual outdoor runs for rabbits and guinea pigs on summers days, so they can enjoy munching on the grass and having a good run around. Your pet will not mix with any other boarders other than those he /she is brought in with. Bonded pets are always kept together. All hutches and runs are cleaned out daily and disinfected between boarders.
During your pets stay we will provide (depending upon the type of pet) fresh hay, fresh veg and fruit (unless otherwise directed), fresh water in hutches and runs, toys to keep your pet busy, grooming if required and always lots of attention and cuddles for those who like them. All we ask is that you bring the dry food mix or seed your pet prefers as they are much healthier and happier sticking to what is familiar to them. You can of course, bring along any favourite toys and treats. We have even had bunnies bring along their own beds to sleep in.
We can also offer a collection and delivery service for your pet within the Wigan area. All boarders must be pre booked so please dont just turn up with your pet as we need to make sure we have availability first.
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