Below is a brief description and pricing of our services. For more details use the navigation tabs to the left or click on the name of the service you are interested in. 
 All prices include full insurance and an exceptional standard of service. We offer our services at a price that is fair to both ourselves and the customer. Our prices are very competitive but we never compromise our quality of service
The process in booking our services is simple, an initial consultation visit is made in your home before confirmation of a booking. This consultation is free of charge. This visit allows us the opportunity to meet your pet and for your pet to meet us, also to discuss the level of care your pet needs, go through their daily routine and answer any questions you may have. We will also bring with us our insurance policy and documents, CRB/ Police Check, animal first aid certificates and contactable references from our many happy customers.
If you cannot see a service package that meets the level of care you require, please contact us to arrange a service that meets both yours and your pets needs.
We offer either small group or individual walks depending on your dogs needs. We promise your dog will return content and relaxed.
1/2 hour walk: £7 for 1 dog (+ £3 per additional dog from same house)
1 hour walk: £9 for 1 dog (+ £3 per additional dog from same house)
We will spend time with your puppy playing, training and feeding. This will help break up your puppy's day, relieve boredom and create a routine. We will also, when old enough, help it take its first steps into the wide world.
£7 per visit
Dog Home Boarding
A perfect alternative from boring kennels your dog can enjoy a fun, comfortable stay with us where they will get their own warm bed, be able to watch their favourite TV programmes with us and cuddle up on the sofa with lots of human company.
Per Day: £20 for 1 dog (+ £10 per additional dog from same house)
(charges apply to trial and introduction nights)
A kinder alternative to kennels. Your dog stays in your home in its familiar surroundings and we come in and look after it there. Each visit includes a walk if required, feeding, fussing and playing time. A stress free alternative to boarding kennels for both pet and owner.
Per visit£8 for 1 dog, £11 for 2 dogs, £13 for 3 dogs
Most cats hate staying away from home and being confined to a cattery. We offer an alternative where your cat can stay in your home and keep its routine. We will visit your cat, give your cat fresh food and water, clean litter trays and spend time playing with your cat.
Per visit: £8
Prices above are for up to 3 cats.
For additional cats add £1 per cat per visit.
We will visit your small animal, give fresh food and water, clean cages etc.
Per visit: £8
Your pet can come to stay in our home where it will enjoy pure luxury accommodation.
Birds/Hamsters/Mice/Rabbits/Guinea Pigs etc: £3 per day, additional £2 for every additional pet sharing same cage 
We can transport your pet to the vets, groomers, kennels etc. in the highest comfort and security.
From £15 but as every pet taxi distance is different please contact us for a quote.
Please Note: Services on Bank Holidays may incur an additional charge so please contact us for a quote 

If you have a combination or large amount of pets please contact us for a quote.
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