Pet Taxi
You may prefer to keep your car clean and free from pet hairs or you may just not have the time to take your pet where it needs to go. You may not drive and taxi drivers can be very reluctant to carry pets in their vehicles. This is where A1 Animal Care can help.
Our Pet Taxi Service can transport your pet to and from the vets, cattery, boarding kennels, grooming parlour etc. We can even represent you at the vets and provide you with a report of the vets instructions.
We provide a door to door service were we will collect your pet from your own home, take them to your desired destination and return back home again.Your pet will be handled with the greatest of care by experienced handlers. We are also fully qualified animal first aiders so your pet is in safe hands with A1 Animal Care. You wouldn’t dream of putting your children in a vehicle unrestrained and we believe pets require that same level of care, so you can be assured your pets will travel in a safe secure environment where their comfort and safety is our main priority.
Our Pet Taxi is also fitted with a dog ramp, so don't worry if your dog is elderly or convalescing we have the equipment to assist your pet.Our Pet Taxi has been specially designed for the conveyance of pets of all sizes, from Rabbit’s to Great Dane’s, in a safe and comfortable environment.
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