Dog Walking
Our Dog Walking Service is designed for those owners who are out at work all day or unable to walk their dogs due to ill health or other commitments. We offer either carefully chosen small group dog walks, as you can see in our pictures, or individual dog walks at no additional charge.

Socialising isn’t just for humans, dogs love to play with each other and this socialisation can work wonders for your pets health and happiness. Our group walks consist of a carefully chosen small group of dogs, which ensures each dog gets the socialising they love without sacrificing the individual care and attention they need . Socialisation is enhanced and the dogs enjoy plenty of exercise and interaction in a safe environment.

Dogs that are on their own all day whilst their owners are at work don’t want to spend their walk time alone as well. This is where our small group dog walks are the ideal solution, giving your dog plenty of exercise and companionship. They will look forward to seeing their doggy friends, every walk time. We will collect your dog and transport them to a local park where they can spend their walk time playing and interacting with other dogs.

However, if required, we can also offer individual walks at no additional charge. These walks are ideal for timid, difficult to control, elderly or convalescing dogs or if you just prefer for your dog to be walked on their own. These are charged at the same price as our small group dog walks.
Dogs require physical and mental stimulation and many behavioural problems such as barking and chewing, are a result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. It is proven that exercise and the mental stimulation that comes with it could be the cure for some of these problems.

A1 Animal Care always carries water and travel water bowls with us, so your dog can have a drink whilst out with us. We also carry an animal first aid kit and we are fully trained animal first aiders, so in the unlikely event that a problem does occur the right person is always their to help your dog, meaning your dog is in the best possible hands with A1 Animal Care.

We will return your dog tired, content and ready to fall asleep. In addition we will also clean muddy paws, give fresh water and food as required.
We offer 3 different walk durations, but the time you pay for is the length of time your dog will be actually walked for, transportation time is free.
An initial consultation visit is made in your home before confirmation of a booking. This consultation is free of charge. This visit allows us the opportunity to meet your dog and for your dog to meet us, also to discuss the level of care your dog needs and answer any questions you may have. We will also bring with us our insurance policy and documents, CRB/ Police Check, animal first aid certificates and contactable references from our many happy customers.
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